Sea-Doo 1630cc ACE 100mm Custom Forged Flat Top Piston Set - 8.6:1 Compression Ratio

Aqua Sport Performance

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Product Overview

Sea-Doo RXT-X RXP-X 300 1630cc ACE Supercharged Wiseco Turbo/Supercharger Piston std. Flat Top Bore

The Wiseco valve pocket designs maximizes flow around valves. Oversize valves and high lift camshafts can be utilized. Pistons crown shape designed to promote maximum intake charge efficiency through CROSS FLOW during intake and exhaust valve overlap. Complex Piston skirt profile and coatings reduce power robbing friction and prolong piston life, to help increase horsepower.

Bore size for this piston is: STD (standard)

Set includes:

  • 3 pistons
  • 3 sets of rings
  • 3 piston pins
  • 6 pin circlips
  • Specification printout from Wiseco
  • Wiseco decals

Custom Made from EuroExport Inc.


2016 and up RXP-X 300 RXT-X 300


(No reviews yet) Write a Review