Sea-Doo ACE 1630cc 300 Molnar Connecting Rod Set

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Molnar H-Beam Connecting Rods are made from a very strong 4340 billet material, heat treated to increase tensile strength and are shot peened to increase fatigue life. All rods have a wear resistant bronze bushing for long wrist pin life and feature ARP2000 fasteners. All Molnar Technologies connecting rods are finished here in the US at their factory near Grand Rapids Michigan. Sizes are held +/- .0001" which is the tightest tolerances you will find in the racing industry. 100% mag particle inspected, bushed for a full floating wrist pin, housing bore is finished to +/- .000050".

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  • 2016 Sea-Doo RXP-X
  • 2016 Sea-Doo RXT-X
  • 2016 Sea-Doo GTX Limited




(No reviews yet) Write a Review