Yamaha Waverunner 1.8L 2004+ Beehive Single Springs, Retainers & Locators

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Product Overview

The kit includes:

  • 16 Beehive springs 
  • 16 Retainers
  • 16 Locators

Our beehive valve springs are made of the latest grades from Kobe steel. 

Our spring locators are manufactured from hardened 4140 Steel Alloy that not only protects the cylinder head casting and shim, but also precisely locates and holds the valve spring in place. These locators feature a CNC machined inside diameter which perfectly locates on the valve guide outside diameter with tighter tolerances than any competitor's locators. 

Our titanium retainers are lighter than the OEM. They are made from Ti 17 or Ti 64 for the manufacturing of our retainers for excellent strength and wear resistance at 40% less weight than steel retainers. Our materials are tested and certified for chemical purity, uniform grain microstructure, and superior mechanical properties and sonically tested to be imperfection free. Precision CNC Machined.


Yamaha Waverunner FZR SVHO, FX SVHO, FX VXR, VXS, FX-HO 1812cc 1.8L models (year 2004 and upwards).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review